Proven Track Record of Extraordinary Results

Zynik Capital Corporation has a winning team that produces results and always delivers on a promise.

Proven Track Record in High-Profile Situations

Big opportunities require big visions and Zynik Capital Corporation has the ability and the means to manage high-profile opportunities.

Proven Track Record for Enabling Opportunity

Zynik Capital Corporation invests its time and assets into developing and refining companies of all levels thanks to our angel and early-stage investing program.

About Zynik Capital Corp

Since its founding in 1983, Zynik Capital Corp. has completed transactions representing in excess of $3 billion in assets while enhancing our proven track record in turnarounds, buyouts, leveraged finances, venture capital start-ups and other special situations. Our unique approach is based on a combination of global vision with local insight.

Respected as an organization open to opportunities in a wide range of markets, Zynik specializes in identifying under-performing opportunities in areas such as banking, health & wellness, service industries, technology, resources and manufacturing.

We continue to deliver outstanding returns for stakeholders thanks to our professional, responsive and flexible approach to structuring and solving unique situations. A balanced philosophy and detailed investment process has given Zynik a defined edge in the fast-moving landscape of modern business.

The Zynik Strategy

Zynik believes that turning good companies into outstanding opportunities requires an approach that considers much more than just capital. Hands-on experience and professional responsibility are key ingredients for world-class leadership.

Our investment strategy is based on:

  • Identifying undervalued and underperforming assets or opportunities
  • Leading and enabling strategic growth initiatives
  • Executing harvest or exit scenarios

As a patient and focused investor, Zynik Capital Corp. limits its number of project activities and rigorously evaluates them based on their respective merits. Thanks to this approach, Zynik is always able to provide the human resources necessary to assist and guide our portfolio.